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TidalWave for Facebook is a free Social Media Marketing solution

Start a Tidalwave on Facebook

TidalWave is the easiest way to connect with your customers and fans on Facebook. You can publish any of our pre-built apps on your Facebook page in just minutes and start capturing data and building your permanent fan database! Or - you can easily design your own custom Facebook apps with just a few clicks - no technical expertise is required.

Example of TidalWave Application

Publish Apps in Minutes on your Facebook Page
Use the intuitive form builder to design great looking apps with images, video and data entry fields such as multiple choice, drop-down lists, text, numbers, dates, names and addresses. Link your apps to PayPal to collect payments and donations in any one of multiple currencies and languages. Add social controls such as "like" buttons and comments and watch your apps go viral!

Mobile TidalWave Application

Go Mobile and reach your customers wherever they are
Distribute "canvas" apps to millions of mobile Facebook clients using iPhones, iPads, Android phones and the Kindle Fire. Your apps will look and function identically across multiple browsers and mobile devices.

Spread the Word

Spread the Word on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin
The visual promotion builder enables you to quickly and easily create Facebook wall posts, Twitter "tweets" and LinkedIn posts that advertise and link users to your Facebook apps. Run multiple promotions for the same app and test the results. Tap the social graph to connect with new customers and fans!

Track your Responses on TidalWave in Real Time

Track Responses and download the results When your app's visitors submit forms, all form data is safely and securely stored on our servers and can be browsed by app and by promotion. Download your form data at any time and import it into a spreadsheet or database.

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